Pictures of People Who Made Waltham Great

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 Percy Spencer , Raytheon company

  John Lally  Waltham

  Dr. Alfred Worcester  Started the Waltham Hospital

  Shakespear Family  Waltham

  Francis Buttrick  Established Waltham Library

  Paul Moody  Waltham

  Metz Family  Metz Company, Waltham

   Joseph T. Lawless   Sharpshooter

   Charles Metz  1863 - 1937

  Col. Arthur Hanson  Waltham

  James Fahey  Wrote Pacific War Diary

  Patrick Dwayne  past Mayor of Waltham

   Fred Smerlus  Football player

  Francis W. Davis  Invented power steering in 1926 with George Jessup

  Aaron Dennison  Waltham

  Walter Metz  Waltham

  Ezra Fitch  Waltham

  Dwayne Church  Waltham

  R. Robbins  Waltham

  John Winthrop 

  Christopher Gore  6th Governor of Massachusetts

  Nathaniel P. Banks  1816 born on River Street


  John Roberts  Paper Mill

  George Maynard  Waltham

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