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Mary (Recka) Rapp of Oakdale, PA, a cousin of the late James Fahey of Waltham, donated the autographed copy of Pacific War Diary that Fahey gave to her in 1963. Also a photograph of James Fahey giving a copy of his book to President Kennedy on September 10, 1963, seven news clippings on Fahey and one of his handwritten letters to her completed this donation. Francis A. Recka of Weston assisted in this donation. The Recka family operated a milk business in Waltham until the 1950s. (January 2001)
Adele Fahey, wife of the late James Fahey who wrote “Pacific War Diary,” donated one of his books, which is a duplicate, with inscriptions, of the one he gave to President Gerald Ford on January 7, 1979. Other items donated were a Pacific War Diary bumper-sticker, a Japanese book on John F. Kennedy with notes of James Fahey inside, a framed picture of the Arizona Memorial and a book on Pearl Harbor completed this donation. (November 2001)
Sister Dorothy McKenzie of Brighton, sister of the three McKenzie brothers who we wrote about in our July 1998 newsletter, donated two items, a reunion cup and cap of the 626th tank battalion, and the Scapular used by Sgt John McKenzie when he served in Europe with his brothers Joseph and Charles. (November 2001)
Sal Vinciullo of Waltham, a member who was awarded the Silver Star during World War II, donated his footlocker, his Major’s helmet, his cartridge belt and canteen and a Japanese machine gun he brought back from Japan. They are all on exhibit in the Military Room of the museum. Lieutenant-Colonel Vinciullo was recently select to the Hall of Valor at the Massachusetts Military Academy for his bravery during World War II. (November 2001)
Anita Pintabona Gallagher of Arizona, Waltham High Class of 1949, donated a framed document given to Edward T. O’Donnel by the City of Waltham for his service in World War I.   (November 2001)
Joseph Deluco of Hampstead, NH, donated a large collection of Waltham National Guard memorabilia (Bill Bergquist assisted in this donation) which included: a blue pennant flag with Company F, 182nd Infantry,  a glass-framed picture of Company F at Camp Edwards in 1950. Some of the members are Bill Bright, Paul Goodness, Norman Cormier, Bill O’Brien, Dick Manzur and Bill Bergquist., a 17-page scrapbook of newsclippings on Company F., 99 photographs on the men and happenings of Company F during the 1950s., 34 National Guardsman magazines of the 1950s, Military Ball programs for Company F on November 3, 1951 and November 1, 1952, 10 publications on Company F activities, a world map used during World War II., 3 postcards of Camp Edwards. (Note: Company F which was called to active duty in World War I and World War II was very close to being activated for the Korean War.)  (March 2001)
Adele Fahey of Florida, the wife of the late James Fahey, donated two items from his collection. One was a Japanese Navy knife and the other, two bullets from the Civil War. Also donated were 64 post cards. (September 2001)
Joe Adshade of Waltham donated a picture of his father, John W. Adshade when he was a Raytheon guard during World War II. During World War I, John was a guard at the Waltham Watch Company. Between the wars he worked at the Waltham car barn as a guard. Also donated were two picture frames and a souvenier-folder showing views of the U.S. Army after World War I. (March 2001)

Walter Peirce, a museum member, donated his World War II military trunk and an envelope he send to his father on March 30, 1943. Peirce was sergeant in the 247th Field Artillery Battalion. (Nov-Jan 99)

Robert MacDonald of Waltham donated a fine old antique truck with the initials M.E.H. on the side. Inside the trunk was the World War I uniform of John J. Dillon who once lived in the MacDonald home. (Jly-Sep 98)

Joe Papa of West Newton donated a large collection of National Guard photographs that came from the estate of the late Joseph Siano. Since the 1930's Joseph Siano was "Mr. National Guard of Waltham." A large group photo of Company F in 1937 was very interesting. Along with Joe Siano there were Captain Francis McGowan, Lt. Elmer Mitchell, Lt. Archie McFadden, Sgt. Leonard Dodge, and Arthur Lazazzaro who was killed in action during World War II. Another interesting photo shows a contingent of Company F soldiers on the Mexican border in 1916 as they fought Pancho Villa. (Jan-Mar 97)

Charles W. Berquist of Newton, a Friend of the Waltham Museum and a National Guard Veteran, donated the Lt. Arthur J. Lazazzero Trophy for outstanding non-commissioned officer in Waltham's Company F, 182nd Infantry of the Massachusetts National Guard. In 1953 Sergeant First Class Berquist won this trophy. (Note: Lt. Arthur Lazazzero of Company F was killed in action at Guadalcanal in 1942.) Also donated was a group picture of Company F in 1953. (Mar-May 98)

Margaret Connaughton of Waltham, a member of the Friends of the Waltham Museum, donated a military picture of G. Battery, 180 F. A. at Camp Edwards in Falmouth, in 1941. Included among the soldiers was John McKenzie, her brother. (May-Jly 98)

Josephine Belliveau of Waltham donated the World War II Honor Roll plaque from Wade Tool Company. Her late husband, Amedee Belliveau, was one of 37 men from Wade Tool that fought in World War II. (Mar-May 96)

Angie (Lazazzaro) Genova of Waltham, a member of the museum, donated the American flag that draped over her brother's casket. Arthur Lazazzaro, a private in the National Guard, was killed at Guadalcanal during World War II. (May-Jly 97)

Walter J. Warren of Waltham, who was in the Waltham National Guard over 50 years ago, donated two field telephones and instruction books used by the Signal Corp during the 1930's. Also donated was a World War I field jacket and trench coat plus military clothing of World War II. (Mar-May 94)

Joe Adshade of Waltham donated four Waltham policeman badges of different years dating back to the last century. Also donated were two embroider silk kerchiefs of the Spanish-American War. The caption "Manila Captured August 13, 1898," is on one of them, and the initials H.C.P. are on both. (Jly-Sep 94)

Duncan MacIntosh of Beswick Engineering Company in Ipswich made a repair to a broken part on one of the rifles in the military room. (Jly-Sep 94)

Mrs. Adele Fahey of Florida donated two 16 MM military training films of 1937 that were part of her late husband's collection. James Fahey served on the U.S.S. Montpelier during World War II and wrote Pacific War Diary. (Sep-Nov 94)

Phyllis Filosa Iodice of Waltham donated a framed photograph of Company F, 182nd Infantry on their two week training at Camp Edwards in July 1948.

Also donated was the first newsletter magazine issued by Waltham Girls Junior Lodge Drill team #43. The attractive and colorful cover along with the magazine has been framed and exhibited in the museum. In the 1930's Phyllis' mother, Mary Filosa, was the supervisor of this drill team. A collection of newsclippings, letters, etc. on the drill teams activities and other lodge function, were part of the donation. (Jly-Sep 98)

Dave Henry of Waltham, a museum member, donated two photo albums showing what it was like for a Waltham soldier in Vietnam in 1968. (Nov-Jan 99)

Roy Hansen of Marlborough donated a six foot long picture of the National Guard being mustered out at camp Devens after World War I. His uncle, Arthur Hansen, was the World War I hero from Waltham. The picture was on exhibit during our last slide show and will be on exhibit again. (Sep-Nov 98)

Mary Arena of Natick donated the navy uniform with 2nd class radioman stripes worn by her late husband O. J. Rus Arena during World War II. He had received many ribbons and 13 battle stars in both the Atlantic and the Pacific. (Nov-Jan 2000)

Richard Syjatz of Needham, a 99-year-old former member of the Massachusetts State Guard, made a large donation of old Mass Guard uniforms, insignias, medals, banners, World War I pins, a bugle, a gas mask plus other items.

In 1919 Syjatz served in the Boston Police strike and helped guard Boston until the strike was over. (Mar-May 99)

Helen Scott of Waltham donated the August 15, 1945 edition of the Waltham News-Tribune displaying the large "V-J" on the front page, indicating the end of World War II. Also donated was the January 20, 1961 edition of the Washington Post concerning President Kennedy. (Mar-May 99)

Lyman Mix of East Falmouth donated the electrical testing meter used by his father, Milton Mix, during World War II. His father was a field technician for Raytheon and installed radar on Navy ships in the Brooklyn and Philadelphia naval shipyards. Early installation of radar was a big factor in the Allies winning World War II.

On May 14, 1943, Raytheon of Waltham was awarded the Army-Navy "E" award for excel-lence in serving our country. The program of that ceremony plus the Army-Navy "E" lapel pin given to Milton Mix were also donated to the museum. Both items will be placed in the Raytheon exhibit.

Lyman Mix is a retired Raytheon electronic technician. (Jan-Mar 97)

 Katherine O'Reilly Adshade of Waltham donated six photographs of her family who served in the armed forces. They were her brothers Alfred, Herb, Eddie, Donald, Ray and Danny O'Reilly who was a cousin.

Katherine's father was Langdon O'Reilly and he served on the Mexican Border in 1916 chasing Pancho Villa the Mexican bandit. Langdon O'Reilly settled in Waltham at 81 College Farm Road and raised a large family. When World War II started five of the O'Reilly brothers served their country. Sgt. Alfred and Sgt. Thomas fought at Guadacanal as members of Waltham's Company F. They both received the Bronze Star. Thomas also received the Purple Heart for being wounded. Herb was in the Merchant Marines but later shifted to the Air Corp. Eddie was a waist gunner on a bomber that was short down over Germany, and a prisoner for 18 months. The fifth brother Donald also served in the dangerous Merchant Marines. Dan O'Reilly, a cousin, served in the US Navy as a first-class-machinist mate during World War II.

Roy J. O'Reilly was too young for World War II but he served during the Korean War in the Air Force. One final note, Helen the oldest O'Reilly daughter, served as a ship's welder at the Boston Naval Shipyard during the war. (Jan-Mar 99)

Katherine M. (O'Reilly) Adshade of Waltham donated a World War II scrapbook on Guadalcanal where her brother Thomas was wounded on November 22, 1943. Another brother, Alfred served alongside Thomas with the Americal Division where they were both decorated with the Bronze Star. A third brother, Edward, was a turret gunner on a flying fortress that was shot down over Germany. He became a prisoner of war. A fourth brother served in the Navy as a machinist mate and a fifth brother served in the Maritime Service.

This scrapbook contains much information on the O'Reilly family and other Waltham men who served during World War II. It is a vital source of information for the museum. (Jly-Sep 96)

Raymond Gallant of Moncton, Canada donated a 4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guard service medal awarded to 4 Recce Regt. who served in Sicily, Italy, and North Western Europe during World War II. (Jly-Sep 96)

Bill Burquist of Newton donated a 1930 photograph of Company F of the Waltham National Guard. He also placed with the museum several reels of 16mm film showing Company F marching in parades during the 1950s. (Sep-Nov 96)

Noreen & Patricia Cooke of Waltham donated over 30 pictures of the Waltham National Guard that were from the collection of O. Roy Van Wart, their late grandfather.

Van Wart was born in 1883 and joined Company F of the Massachusetts Volunteer Milita at the turn of the century. The collection of photographs clearly depicts the life of a citizen-solider during the early part of this century. They practice war games in Halifax in 1909 and did strike duty in Lawrence in 1912. Most of the pictures were in 1916 when Company F of Waltham was nationalized and sent to El Paso, Texas to fight the Mexican bandit Pancho Vila.

Van Wart worked at J. L. Thomson all his life and put on minstrel shows for the company during off hours. He also was associated with the Waltham Boy Scouts. His son, Roy "Red" Van Wart was a well-known baseball player for the J. L. Thomson semi-pro team.

Also donated was the Waltham High School Class picture of 1937. Van Wart's daughter, Alice, was a member of this class. She would later marry Warren Cooke.

Last year the Waltham Museum received a large donation of National Guard pictures from the Joseph Siano estate that covers the years from 1927 to 1950. Combined with the Van Wart pictures and ones the museum already had, we have enough material to create a slide show on the history of the Waltham National Guard. This slide show will be presented to the public at the Waltham Library in October. (May-Jly 98)

Frances Spenser of Waltham donated one of those long photographs of a CCC camp in Massachusetts where her brother, Michael Wojtowicz, worked with 200 other men. The caption is hard to read, but it says: "120 Co. CCC, Clover Mountain, Stark Forest, xxxx xxxxx, Mass.," or words to that effect.

During the big depression of the 1930's, President Roosevelt and his New Deal administration set up the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to give work to thousands of young men who could not get jobs. (May-Jly 98)

Walter Peirce, a graduate of the 1928 class, donated a brochure on the dedication of the Spanish-American War statue on Oct. 21, 1928. (May-Jly 98)

Shirley Smith, a World War II veteran and former Wade Tool Company employee, donated the tool box used by his father, Shirley Smith, Sr., when he worked for the Boston Edison Company out of Waltham. A picture of his father's three-man crew was reproduced. A radio control device of the 1930's was included in the donation. His sister, Bertha Smith Simpson, donated two old ration books from World War II. (May-Jly 97)

Greg Rando of Waltham donated some pictures of old Waltham plus a copy of a proclamation made by Governor Nathaniel P. Banks on March 9, 1860, asking for public fasting, humiliation and prayer. (Sep-Nov 95)

Walter Peirce of Waltham, whose grandfather Elisa was a veteran of the Civil War, donated several 19th century letters relating to the Nathaniel P. Banks Post 41 veteran organizations. Walter is 84 years old. (Jly-Sep 94)

John Hancock of Waltham donated his World War II sailor's uniform. John was in the SeaBees and was an underwater arc welder. (Jly-Sep 94)

Agnes LeVert of Waltham donated three large photographs of Company F in 1933, 1935 and 1936. Company F of Waltham drilled for years at the National Guard armory on Sharon Street. They were part of the 2nd Battalion of the 182nd Infantry, whose origin dates back to the days of the Pequot Indian War in 1636.

One of the men in these photographs was John A. LeVert who passed away several years ago. He was with Company F in 1942 when it was nationalized and sent to Guadalcanal to help fight the Japanese. This was only the first of many battles fought by Company F. Their accomplishments during World War II exemplified the fine 300-year tradition of Company F.

Also included in this donation by John's wife were the 1939 year book of the Massachusetts National Guard and a picture of Ernest Noke in Guadalcanal. Noke was also a member of Company F.

Two 50th anniversary cups of the National Guard (1941–1991) completed this donation. (Mar-May 97)

Besides the medals and documents on Samuel Barron, Warren Barron also donated a limited edition book on the U.S.S. Birmingham which records all the action of this cruiser during World War II with numerous pictures including the incident with the Princeton in 1944.

Also donated was a picture of the Company F platoon in which George Barron, Samuel Barron's younger brother, was attached in 1942. (Sep-Nov 94)

E. Elizabeth Bryden of Washington, D.C. donated a publication on Massachusetts War Casualties issued by the U.S. Navy in 1946. She also listed those war casualties from Waltham that were shown on the last page. (Jan-Mar 94)

Bill Bergquist donated a 50th reunion cup for Company F, 182d Infantry (1941-1991). This Waltham National Guard Company fought at Guadalcanal and in the Pacific during World War II. (Sep-Nov 99)

Bill Hough of Waltham donated the actual personal metal stamp used by Nathaniel P. Banks. Although the handle is broken and missing the stamp clearly shows "N. P. BANKS". (May-Jly 95)

Douglas Dow of Arlington, Texas donated twenty-four Waltham items having to do with his father, R. Richard Dow, and his grandfather, Cyrus R. Dow.

Cyrus Dow graduated from the North Grammar School in 1910 and a picture of the graduation class was in the donation. He later went to Waltham High School and during World War I he became a sergeant in the U.S. Army. He later became Waltham's city auditor until 1956.

R. Richard Dow graduated from Waltham High School in 1938. He played the trumpet in the high school band. His "W" crimson sweater and megaphone was part of the donation. In 1943 he went to aviation school in the Army Air Corp and became a waist-gunner and radioman on a B-24 Liberator bomber. The January 23, 1945 News-Tribune tells about his plane being shot down over Italy where he was wounded and taken prisoner by the Germans. This newspaper was part of the donation. He died on November 15, 1998 in Waltham.

Some of the other items in this donation were a photograph of the 1938 high school band, seven photos of Waltham sports teams, photos of his father's B-24 bomber with its 10-man crew, 17 photos of the 1938 hurricane damage in Waltham, plus other items.

The Dow family is one that Waltham can be proud of. (Mar-May 99)

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