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Mrs. A. Sparrow of Waltham sent along a 1969 Calendar Date Book published by Grover Cronins that will be displayed in the Grover Cronin Room. (March 2001)
Ann Marie Huff of Waltham donated a coat by Tukay that was made in Waltham. (March 2001)
Regina Davis, manager of B. C. Ames which recently went out of business, donated the large outside B. C. Ames sign which was mounted on their building. The sign was made by Bliss C. Ames himself according to Davis. It is now mounted on the east side of the Waltham Museum. Other donations include 12 photographs, 2 catalogs, a newsclipping, 8 framed documents, 2 large posters, lathe parts and 15 gauges of various designs, all having to do with the B. C. Ames Company. (September 2001)
Janet Alford of Sudbury, a 1953 graduate of Waltham High, donated four photographs of the 1953 Grover Cronin’s Easter parade and three of the 1954 parade. In both sets of pictures the Embassy Theater can be seen. In 1953, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh in the Black Shield of Falcon was showing. In 1954 the movie Green Fire was showing with Stewart Granger and Grace Kelly. Also donated was a 1955 Grover Cronin’s Christmas choir photograph. Janet, who worked at Cronin’s from 1950 to l956, was one of the 12 woman singers. (September 2001)
Laura Rooney Brill of Natick donated her Grover Cronin employee pin. She worked in sales and was one of the Easter bunnies in 1985. (July 2001)
Mildred Hammond of New Hampshire, a member, donated a Peterson Ice Company ice pick. Peterson was located on the banks of the Charles River, across Prospect Street from the Nuttings’ Ballroom. (July 2001)
Walter Peirce of Waltham, a member, donated a poster of the Peirce Brothers Florist on Waverly Oaks Road around 1930.
Angelo A. Taranto, Jr. of Las Vegas, Nevada, donated a cassette that tells the history of a Grover Cronin’s mannequin during World War II (January 2002)

Roy McDowell, the new owner of Grover Cronins, has donated a large collection of Grover Cronins' 33 MM slides. Most of the slides have to do with the window displays during the 1970's. With this new source of material, the Waltham Museum has put together a new slide show titled "Grover Cronins." Arrangements are now being made to have it shown on Waltham Cable Access TV, along with our other 18 historical Waltham shows now being shown.

In addition, MacDowell donated four Grover Cronins consumer credit coins, that they once used. Also a picture of the 25th reunion that Cronin employees celebrated in 1945. Another picture of Waltham High School Principal, Richard Huff, at the Cronins Art Appreciation affair, a picture of an art deco railroad train, and a book entitled "An Engineer Looks At The Cross" by Robert S. Glasier of Waltham.

Since acquiring the Cronins property several months ago, MacDowell has already cleaned up the front of the building and has allowed the schools and others to put exhibits in the 12 display windows. This has pleased everyone who has watched this building decline since Cronins went out of business in 1989. (Nov-Jan 96)

Salon 459, a beauty shop at 459 Moody Street, donated a very fine display case which the museum can use. (Nov-Jan 96)

George K. Lavis of Wayland donated two men's shirts which had the Grover Cronin label. They will be displayed in the Grover Cronin Room of the museum. (Nov-Jan 2000)

Tom McKeon donated two Cossaboom & Nix milk bottles, (one quart and one pint), a W.A. Ross Dairy of Waverly milk bottle, and four Waltham Dairy milk caps. (Nov-Jan 2000)

Doris Donovan of Waltham donated 21 pictures of Grover Cronin being demolished. (Jan-Mar 97)

Guy Clearly of Waltham donated a man's sports jacket with a Grover Cronin's label inside. (May-Jly 97)

Roy McDowell of the Boulder Company donated bricks from the old Grover Cronins' building. (Nov-Jan 97)

An anonymous donor gave a beautiful radio console in excellent condition. It was purchased at Grover Cronins in the early 1950's. (Jan-Mar 94)

Carolyn Harms of Newburyport donated a small May's Bakery salt and pepper kit with the words "Perfect for Picnics" on the plastic container. May's Bakery was located at 569-571 Moody Street, near Lopez Fruit Market, from 1948 until 1981. (Sep-Nov 99)

Joe Adshade of Waltham donated a collection of antique tins. These containers add to the nostalgia of our General Store exhibit. (Nov-Jan 99)

Hamil Shirkhan of Waltham donated the large floor safe from the old Hyde Bird Feeder Company on Felton Street. George Coleman of DeWolfe Real Estate Company, a member of the museum, arranged this donation. (Jly-Sep 98)

Thierry & Liz Beckers of Wayland donated an English hovering type lawn mower. The donation was assisted by Joe Adshade. (Jly-Sep 98)

Adela M. Andrews of Waltham, a member of the museum, donated an old M&M ice card used in windows to indicate the size of ice wanted. (Jly-Sep 98)

Victor Gigliotti of Waltham, a member, donated an old wooden shipping crate used by J. L. Thomson of Waltham. Also a collection of old bottles. (Sep-Nov 98)

Garry Richard of Waltham donated an old wooden shipping crate used by W. H. Nichols Company. (Sep-Nov 98)

John Roll of Waltham donated a canoe which was made by C.P. Nuttings in the earlier part of this century. This was one of the top items that the Waltham Museum wanted for its collection and we are very pleased by this donation. The Charles River, canoeing, and river festivals are a big part of Waltham's history. Burgin and Arnold were other boat houses in Waltham that made canoes. The Nutting's canoe has been placed on exhibit in the Hentzi Room. (Jly-Sep 96)

Mark Nesky of Sudbury donated an original A.T. Ball paper bag with the stores address, and "The Most Interesting Shop In Waltham" slogan printed on the side.   Also Leslie Nesky of Sudbury donated a large collection of radio and television catalogs of the 1940s and 1950s. These catalogs, published by Howard W. Swain, are very useful for research. (Sep-Nov 96)

Mary & Donald Brennan donated a Lite-A-Lock retail product used to illuminate the keyhole in the front door. This little known product was manufactured and sold by the R.L. Downing Company of 40 Charles Street around 1940. Downing was known more for express trucking and wholesale liquor delivery from 1930 to 1960. Old radio tubes and radio books were also donated. (Jan-Mar 96)

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