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William J. Deane of the Massachusetts Air Historical Society visited the Waltham Museum and later donates copies of a number of historical aviation articles having to do with Waltham.

       In “America’s Munitions” it list the Metz Company of Waltham as a principal producer of spare parts in 1918 for airplane production.  (Note: The Waltham Museum’s records derived from the National Archives in Washington, DC, clearly shows that the Metz Company made 1,000 DeHaviland DH-4 and 108 Hadley-Page bombers. Former employees of the Metz Company told that on Armistice Day, November 11, 1918 the employees took one of the planes and paraded through the streets of Waltham.) An October 1999 copy of the Mass Air Historical Society newsletter with over three pages devoted to Harry Atwood’s flight from the Metz Air Drome in Waltham to Concord, NH, in June 1911. Atwood, who had just learned to fly in May of 1911 beat out Earle Ovington for the first prize at the Metz Air Meet.   Finally, there are seven articles having to do with the seaplane pilot, Reginald deNoyes Thomas of Waltham.  When it comes to the history of aviation in America, one can say that Waltham made its contributions. (November 2001)
City Councilor Robert G. Logan of Waltham, a member, donated a packet of 49 documents having to do with the reconstruction of the historical Calvary Street Footbridge. The Waltham Board of Alderman originally ordered the bridge in 1898. The bridge made it easier for Waltham citizens to get to Central Park, the Bleachery and Davis & Farnum Foundry, to name a few. (January 2001)

Dick Syjatz of Needham, MA, a 100 year old State Guard veteran who performed guard duty during the 1919 Boston police strike, donated some antique tools, a 1920 toy stove, a small Massachusetts state flag, papers on the police strike, and other guard documents. Mrs. Joseph L. Brighton of Needham, whose late husband served in the police strike with Syjatz, donated a large collection of State Guard military items. Namely, a military hat, arm patches, military pins and buttons, insignias, cartridge belts, six group photographs, and other items. (January 2001)

Allan Peirce of Waltham, a member of the Friends of the Waltham Museum and a long-time resident on Waverly Oaks Road, also served with Syjatz and Brighton in the 1919 police strike. (January 2001)

Steve Abrams, the owner of Howard Clock, who had to vacate the building on Charles Street where they were located for many years, donated items to the Waltham Museum. Five clock-making tool, dies and a heavy cast-iron 19th century door hatch assembly that was part of the original building, were donated. In addition, museum personnel were allowed to check the debris after Howard Clock had vacated. Here again we picked up numerous items with the Howard Clock name on them, such as envelopes, lubrication bottles used on tools and clocks, plus other items. (Leslie Nesky of Sudbury arranged this donation.)

On page one we wrote about Waltham milestones. Well this is yet another major milestone. The Howard Clock Company has left Waltham in the year 2000 and the last remnants of the watch and clock industry in Waltham has gone, an industry that had made Waltham famous throughout the world. (Jan-Mar 2000)

Carolyn Harms of Newburyport donated a 1925 and a 1977 publication on Waltham published by the Waltham Chamber of Commerce. (Jly-Sep 98)

The Champion Center of Weston donated an antique paper cutting machine plus numerous parts of our old print shop. Donation arranged by John McCullouch. (Sep-Nov 98)

Karen O'Donnell of 253 Ash Street in Waltham, donated an Ampro 8MM movie projector plus 3 newsreel films of 1936, 1951, and 1952. Karen notes that her house was erected in 1908 and once owned by a Boston Edison electrical supervisor (Albert E. Smith). His daughter, Helen Leah Smith Cousens, was a music teacher in this house and taught piano in the 1920s to 1950s. (Sep-Nov 98)

Joseph Adshade of Waltham made a very large donation which included over 200 horseshoes and oxen shoes professionally mounted on antique barn boards. In the earlier years of this century, Melvin J. Ham operated a blacksmith shop on Heard Street. Then it became Waltham Electric Welding Shop before World War II. After the war Joe Adshade ran his auto repair shop here for over 30 years.

The horseshoe exhibit has been placed on display in the Hentzi Room. A number of other general items were included in this donation. A wooden box stamped with L.N.Bailey of 748 Moody Street in Waltham was donated. The box held Triplex Screws for automotive service use. A check of the old Waltham directories shows that Earl M. Bailey of West Newton ran this store for about a year in 1941. He is later shown as an assistant foreman at the Waltham Screw Company on Rumford Avenue. Three half-pint milk bottles were also in this donation. One of the bottles was from H.L. Stone, 1295 Main Street; the others were H.P. Hood and Yarmouth Dairy Company. (Nov-Jan 98)

Local 1505 of the IBEW Electrical Union donated the Simplex movie projector and all its accessories that was originally installed in the old Hovey Memorial building in 1933. The building will soon be sold to a religious organization. (Mar-May 98)

Joe Adshade of Waltham donated a Beatty Drug Store prescription box of 1938 - when Beatty was located at 284 Moody Street. Also donated was a real old hatchet head - the type used by the colonist over 200 years ago. Other old tools, a navy picture, a map and an antique mechanical counter completed this donation. (Mar-May 98)

Sally Collura of Waltham donated an Edison cylinder container of the 1920's. Before phonograph records, music was played on these cylinders. (Jan-Mar 95)

Charles and Marilyn Maillet of Waltham donated a long-narrow picture of the Michigan Bell Company's emergency crews in front of Waltham's city hall on October 6, 1938. Our local telephone company had called in this outside help after the big hurricane of Wednesday, September 21, 1938. Along with the crews, ten large trucks and several company vehicles are shown. In the background can be seen the bowling alley sign at 6 Elm Street (10˘ a string) and the Elm Social Club in the next building. The old Waldorf Theater can also be seen. (Sep-Nov 96)

Joe O'Connell of Lexington donated two old tools. (May-Jly 95)

Herbert Ashness of Venice, Florida donated a 1971 colored publication on the City of Waltham published by the Chamber of Commerce. (May-Jly 98)

Mike Diesi of Waltham donated an old micrometer made by the B. C. Ames Company on Lexington Street years ago. Also he donated a Grover Cronin merchandise labeling tool. (May-Jly 98)

Grace G. Terestre of Waltham, a Raytheon retiree, donated a 1957 Raytheon transistor radio to the museum. We were very pleased by this donation as it inspired us to upgrade the Raytheon exhibit at the Waltham Museum. Included in our exhibit is an original 1925 Raytheon rectifier tube. (Mar-May 96)

Paul Burke of Watertown donated the printing press and the entire print shop that his late father George S. Burke operated for years. (Nov-Jan 97)

Charles W. Bergquist of Newton donated a Pearl printing press that is both foot operated and motor operated. (Nov-Jan 97)

Robert Gould of Waltham donated a large collection of 8mm and 16mm movie equipment including projectors, films, screens, and splicer. Also a Revere tape recorder and other accessories. (Nov-Jan 97)

Mrs. Elizabeth Brewster of the senior citizen center donated an old sewing table and a German barometer of about 1920. (Sep-Nov 95)

James Mayo of Waltham, the grandson of Sheldon Mayo, donated his grandfather's printing collection which included a 1000 pound Chandler & Price printing press, a smaller bench printing press, and a hand operated press.

The World War I helmet and canteen of Sheldon Mayo were part of the donation and are now on exhibit in the Military Room. The remaining 50 items are too numerous to list.

When talking to students who took printing at South Junior High School they all say that he was one of the finest gentlemen that they ever met and a great influence on their lives. (Mar-May 94)

Donald Brennan of Waltham donated a publication on old New England Industries. Also donated was the 1933 Bachelor's degree awarded to Katherine Frances Slattery by Boston University. Miss Slattery taught English at Waltham High School from 1948 to 1964. (Mar-May 94)

Joseph and Phyllis Lenza of the Lenza Oil Company in Waltham donated two original 1900 maps of Waltham within plastic covering. Also donated were over 275 photographs of Waltham during the 1980's and earlier, many of the Mercantile and the Sterling Bank buildings. In addition a Kodak carousel tray with 80 Waltham slides were part of this highly desirable donation. (Jly-Sep 94)

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