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Raymond Poissant of Waltham donated an unusual 1930 aluminum stove which got its heat from preheated heavy disc. (Jan-Mar 2000)

Kathleen Chisholm of Weston, a museum member, donated a Waltham Trust Company coin which says that this coin is worth 50 if you open a $5.00 savings account. Waltham Trust was located at 23 Moody Street, next to the Central Square Theater. It had a large post-mounted clock outside its front door. It went out of business in the early 1960s and Mademoiselle Beauty Salon replaced them. (Nov-Jan 99)

General donations were made by Joseph O'Connnell of Lexington, Barbara Adams, Greg Rando, Nicholas Arena, Bradford Antiques, Ralph and Marjorie Webb, all of Waltham. (Nov-Jan 96)

Tom McKeon of Waltham donated a wooden RCA Victor table radio. (Jly-Sep 95)

Pat and Ruth Arena continue to make numerous donations of miscellaneous items, historical notes, reference information, and nostalgic artifacts. (Jly-Sep 95)

Allan Peirce of Waltham, a 96-year-old former member of the State Guard who drove ambulances during the 1918 influenza epidemic in Waltham, donated an old portable Emerson radio and television. (Sep-Nov 96)

Grace M. Rosi of Waltham donated a large collection of items for our fund raising sales. (Sep-Nov 96)

The Chateau Restaurant which is operated by Lou Nocera, a member of the Friends of the Waltham Museum, donated a Complimentary Luncheon Entree Certificate for the staff of the Waltham Museum. (May-Jly 94)

Tom McKeon donated two old typewriters, Joe Adshade donated some art work and an antique table, John Arena donated a Brownie Hawkeye camera and Pat Arena donated a collection of auto parts for the museum's yard sale. (May-Jly 94)

Tom Scanlon of Waltham donated an antique baby wicker rocking chair that has been put on display in our 19th Century room. (May-Jly 98)

Charles Burgess of Weston, who graduated from Waltham High in 1929, donated an old Sears adding machine. (May-Jly 98)

Dot Smith of Waltham, a museum member, donated a glass-framed photograph of harness workers connected to horse and wagon operation at the turn of the century. The location is unknown but could be in Waltham. Also donated was a collection of old newsletters that we have published over the past 10 years. They will come in handy when showing museum visitors what the Waltham Museum is all about. (Mar-May 99)

Robert B. Schifferdecker of Waltham donated an antique boot sewing machine to the museum in memory of his mother Betty Schifferdecker. The machine will be placed on display after it is reconditioned. (Mar-May 96)

Attorney Charles Burgess of Waltham donated a Royal Typewriter in very good condition. (Jan-Mar 96)

Tom McKeon of Waltham, a museum member, donated an old bottle from Hall's Drug store at Hall's corner and another bottle from Elmer Jennison Apothecary at 208 Moody and Cushing Streets. (May-Jly 97)

Lucien Marquis of Waltham, a masonry contractor, donated a large picture of the A.O.U.W. (Ancient Order of United Workman) taken around the turn of the century.

This fraternal organization was organized on May 23, 1881. The A.O.U.W. Waltham Lodge No. 26 held its meetings at 128 Moody Street and operated until 1955 when they ceased to exist.

The picture shows the exultant leader wearing a fine robe and crown. He is surrounded by three similar dressed assistants and a private guard. Seven soldiers with helmets and spears complete this picture.

American history shows many such fraternal organizations during this period of time; however, interest in them diminished after World War II. (Sep-Nov 95)

Mary Ann Durkee of Waltham helped the museum get a donation of an 1871 Steinway & Sons piano which is now at Lafayette Hall. She also provided us with a 1910 map of Waltham that was used by the Boy Scout Troop #2 of 105 Moody Street. These items were donated by Robert Eaton of Salem with the help of Brian Monette, a moving specialist. (Sep-Nov 95)

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Morris of Florida donated three topographical maps of Prospect Hill and Little Prospect in Waltham. (Sep-Nov 95)

Barbara and Ken Burgess of Waltham donated three cameras: a Brownie Hawkeye, Brownie 127, Brownie Flashmite 20, and a Kodalite Flashholder. Ken, who is a machinist, also did some important machine work on one of our old printing presses. (Sep-Nov 95)

Dick Lopez of Marlboro, who is a big band era historian, donated a reproduced Norumbega Park publication. (Mar-May 94)

Joe Adshade of Waltham donated a collection of artist sketches which we will try to sell or trade for the good of the museum. All donations are appreciated. (Mar-May 94)

James Arena Jr. of Waltham donated a Childs Brother milk bottle, Pat Arena donated a neon light for the Mayo print shop, and John Arena donated an old slide ruler. (Mar-May 94)

Joe O'Connell of Lexington donated two antique lanterns, an old radio, a 19th century hand bellows, a hand scythe and an antique table. (Jly-Sep 94)

Donna Parry donated an old typewriter which belonged to her father. (Jly-Sep 94)

William D. Mansfield, who is visiting Waltham from his home in Big Pine Key, Florida, donated a very unusual walking cane with many thorns. It was used by his ancestor, Annie Moynihan, around 1890 to ward off would-be attackers of immigrants. Donated in her memory.

During William's visit to the museum he saw his grandfather's picture in the sports room. His grandfather worked for the Waltham Watch Company and played baseball for the Riverside Club. He was the manager of this 1919 team. (Jly-Sep 94)

John Morrison of Upland Road in Waltham donated two old number plates. (Jly-Sep 94)

James Arena Jr. of Waltham donated the Boston Daily Record of March 23, 1945, in which the two-inch headline said, "WALTHAM BANK TELLER NABBED IN $12,500 THEFT." The bank was the Union Market National Bank but the street address was not given and could not be found in the 1945 directory. Robert F. Muzzey of Weymouth was the embezzler. (Sep-Nov 94)

Charles Saulnier of Waltham donated several antique tools. (Sep-Nov 94)

Raymond Stahl of Waltham donated a pair of ice tongs from the Gifford Company of New York. (Sep-Nov 94)

Joe Adshade of Waltham donated a 40 year old tin ashtray from Robert E. Nims Caterer in Waltham. Call TWinbrook 4-2282.

Also donated was an oxen shoe, or half of one, as two are needed for each oxen's foot. The shoe serves the same purpose as a horseshoe does for horses. During the 1920's oxen were used at the Lyman Estate for hauling purposes. (Sep-Nov 94)

Tom McKeon of Waltham donated an old H.L. Stone milkcap of the 1930's. H.L. Stone Diary was established in 1872. They were last located at 1295 Main Street in 1957, where Polaroid is today.

For our nostalgia display, Tom also donated four Lucky Strike cigarette packages which were colored green. How many of us remember the 1942 slogan, "Lucky Strike Green Has Gone To War." Other items were a Beech-nut gum wrapper, a wooden codfish box, and a matchbook cover. (Jan-Mar 94)

Non-Waltham items that have been donated are a collection of JFK papers and magazines by Renee Boutin Arena, a collection of sports magazines and publications by Dave Henry, an old Bionic Camera by Robert Cutting of Waltham, a chain saw and Model T Ford tool box by Joe Adshade. (Sep-Nov 99)

Jeff Oliphant of Waltham donated the July 27, 1936 Waltham News-Tribune. (Jly-Sep 98)

Dave Henry of Waltham donated an old post card showing Waltham High School. (Jly-Sep 98)

Lesly Nesky of Sudbury, a member, donated several photographs of Amy Burgess, her home and neighborhood. Burgess made the 1901 map of Waltham. (Jly-Sep 98)

Paul & Doris Morgenstern of the Communicative Health Care Association of Waltham donated over 70 items from the late John Devane's estate. Most items were framed pictures, publications, and documents having to do with his family, school and political career. Note: John Devane was elected councillor of Ward 4 (Ward 7 today) in 1937. On September 28, 1942, when as president of the city council, he became mayor of Waltham after Mayor Hansen was stricken by a heart attack on Waltham Common during a war bond rally during World War II and died unexpectedly.

John Devane served as mayor until 1949. The items in the donation show that he was born in 1892 and attended St. Joseph's Parochial School and St. Mary's High School in Waltham. He was mayor when World War II ended, and during the first two Easter Bunny parades put on by Grover Cronins. After the war, he put up the first new fire station on Prospect Street, plus much more.

George Coleman, Jr., a Friends of the Waltham Museum member, arranged this donation. George is connected to DeWolfe Real Estate Company on Main Street. (Mar-May 99)

Dave Henry of Waltham donated two old postcards of Waltham. One was noon hour at the Waltham Watch Company and the other was Middlesex University (the castle) - fifty years ago this location became Brandeis University. (Mar-May 98)

E. Elizabeth Bryden of Virginia, sent along two 1928 post cards of Waltham. One is an aerial view of Banks Square, the other an aerial view of Daniel's Court, Main Street, and the library. Both cards were made at the Potter Press, as the C.W. Potter name was shown on the back. She also donated a 1959 publication on Massachusetts. (Jan-Mar 95)

Joe Adshade gave a large donation of records, china, and general items. Some general items will be exchanged for Waltham items. Others are sold for funds to help with museum acquisitions. (Jan-Mar 95)

E. Elizabeth Bryden of Virginia donated Volume No. 1 and Volume No. 2 of Massachusetts Town and City Seals. Although the Waltham seal is not shown, Governor Gore and Gore Hall at Harvard University influence the Cambridge Seal. George and Theodore Lyman, John and Francis Lowell, Nathan Appleton and Patrick T. Jackson are investors in the Merrimack Water Power Associates, which built the Lawrence Dam in the 18th Century. The dam is shown on the Lawrence seal. Also Christopher Gore is noted in the description of the Watertown seal.

Also donated were newsclippings of "The Vale," Gore Mansion, and the Piety Corner Club. (Jly-Sep 96)

Alton Webb of Wayland donated 7 old Waltham post cards. (Jly-Sep 96)

Mrs. Oswald Swanson donated a picture of Ozzie with the late Walter Metz in 1983. Also donated was a nine page story on old Waltham which was written by Ozzie. (May-Jly 94)

Richard Boyd of Waltham donated five pictures of the Pay & Take Furniture Company fire at the corner of Moody & Robbins Streets on December 21, 1946. Chief Bertrand O'Neil was in charge of fighting this 3-alarm fire. (May-Jly 95)

Mary and Jonathon Gilbert of Arlington donated a CFD fireman's helmet which will be traded, if possible, for a Waltham fireman's helmet. (May-Jly 95)

Janet Kennedy of Waltham, a museum member, donated an old Cottage Crest menu and a 1923 publication entitled "101 Economes for the Motorist." (Mar-May 99)

Brian C. Hughes of Savoy, Massachusetts, donated three boxes of material from the Phelps Polland estate. Research shows that Polland worked for the Waltham Watch Company for over 50 years. Starting in 1898, he worked in the wheel and pinion department.

Photos and documents also show that Phelps Polland was a long time member of the "Improved Order of Red Men" in Waltham. This was and still is a fraternal organization which has numerous local Chapters throughout the United States. The one in Waltham, Quinobequin Tribe No. 36, has been inactive for over 30 years.

Recently, Charles Jodrey of Waltham passed away in Florida at the age of 89. Before retiring to Florida 15 years ago, Jodrey donated much memorabilia from the Waltham Chapter of the Red Men to the Waltham Museum. It has been on exhibit for all these years.

Jodrey was the last member of the Quinobequin Tribe No. 36 of Waltham. (Mar-May 96)

Elizabeth Wahlen of Waltham donated 19 colored photographs of the March 1970 fire at Perrine Battery. The pictures were taken by her late brother, David Boehnke. (Jan-Mar 96)

Joe Adshade of Waltham donated five 1938 pictures of a 4th of July parade coming down Moody Street onto Main Street near the library. In the background you can see the great A&P market at 724 Main Street, across from the library. There were five A&P's in Waltham. Others were located at 126 High Street, 891 Main Street, 693 Moody Street, and 167 Willow Street.

In 1938 there was also 21 First National Stores in Waltham. They were at: 28 Crescent; 111, 195 Hammond; 165 Lake; 469, 577, 611, 830, 893, 1056 Main; 442, 591, 701, 807 Moody; 233, 351 Newton; 99, 126 Prospect; 199 School; 86 Trapelo; and 10 Warren.

Joe Adshade also donated eight pictures of when they widened the Route 20 bridge and railroad crossing over 128 in 1960, pictures of the September 22, 1938 hurricane destruction on Crescent Street, the waterfall, the Nuttings fire in 1961, Page Bros. Oil Company at 1011 Main Street in 1950, and a picture of Superintendent Lee Williams inside the watch factory. (Jan-Mar 96)

Edward Cloonan of Waltham, who became Waltham's fire chief for 20 years starting in 1964, donated a large picture of George L. Johnson, an earlier fire chief, in a horse-drawn buggy in front of the Moody Street fire station around 1907. The driver of the buggy was Robert Johnson, no relation. In 1911 a Rambler automobile replaced the horse-drawn buggy as the chief's vehicle.

Cloonan, who was one of Waltham's longest serving fire chief, was in charge during some of Waltham's biggest fires. The Bleachery fire of 1965; Furman Lumber of 1969; and Waltham's greatest fire, the Perrini Battery fire of 1970, are some examples of these fires. (May-Jly 97)

Ralph and Marjorie Webb, class of 1927 and museum members, donated ten old postcards on Waltham. (May-Jly 97)

Angie Genova of Waltham donated the fireman helmet of her late husband, Anthony, who was on the Waltham Fire Department in the 1940's. (Nov-Jan 97)

Elizabeth Wahlen of Waltham donated 55 slides of the Perrine Battery Fire in Waltham which were taken by David Boeknke. Also donated was the March 19, 1970, News-tribune which carried the story of that fire. (Sep-Nov 95)

Paul Belinda of Waltham donated all the original index cards used by the Waltham Fire Department to record fires in Waltham during the 1920's and 1930's. (Sep-Nov 95)

Lucile Boynton of Waltham donated the fireman helmet worn by Matthias "Matt" Boynton, her late husband, when he was on the Waltham Fire Dept. Boynton was assigned to Ladder 1 out of Lexington St.

A newspaper picture of Boynton at the old Bleachery fire on February 3, 1965, was included. Fireman Robert Clarke is also shown in the picture. (Sep-Nov 95)

For many years Burger King on Moody Street had a photo exhibit of historical Waltham in the main dining area. Last year they remodeled Burger King and Paige Kohler, the interior designer, donated the 14 beautifully-framed pictures of old Waltham to the museum. (Jly-Sep 94)

Thomas Arena of Waltham donated a CFD fireman's helmet and his father, Pat Arena, made up our flyer and drew the cartoons for the "An Evening of Song" event on September 16th and 17th. (Jly-Sep 94)

Fred Hamilton of Waltham, whose late father retired from the Waltham Fire Department, donated eight colored xerox pictures of the great Nuttings fire on June 21, 1961. For those members who have been away from Waltham, the cement pilings which held up Nuttings can still be seen sticking out of the water. (Jly-Sep 94)

Grace Rooney of Natick donated two old Waltham postcards. (Sep-Nov 94)

Mr. & Mrs. Marjorie Webb of Waltham, and Mr. & Mrs. Alton Webb of Wayland donated a rare Waltham postcard of Roberts Paper Mill in 1900. (Sep-Nov 94)

Artist Bill Pederson of Waltham donated a large print of the historical Lyman House (the Vale) which he had oil painted several years ago. The picture is being framed and placed on exhibit. (Sep-Nov 99)

Mary Brennan of Waltham donated a leather-bound manual used by the Waltham Police Department in 1915. The name Austin Pratt, of 156 Adams Street, is written on the inside cover. A check of the 1915 and 1921 Waltham directories shows that Austin Pratt was a blacksmith and his shop was at 400 Main Street which is across the street from Ellison Park. (Jan-Mar 94)

Barbara Whitenack of Whitman, daughter of Phyllis Wilson-Zimmerman-Fox, donated a large collection of her late mother's Waltham memorabilia. Her mother graduated from Waltham High School in 1929 and passed away three years ago. The items are as follows:

a.         Listed elsewhere.

b.          Twenty-two reproduced photographs of Waltham scenes shown in the 1886 book entitled "Waltham Illustrated."

c.          A scrapbook of the Waltham High School football games of 1926, 1927, 1928 and 1929 with detail newspaper reports of most games (see separate story).

d.          An original photograph of Phyllis sitting in her classroom with her classmates when she was a first grader at the old Orange Street Elementary School in 1918.

e.          Nine copies of the "Sound Wave" from 1924 to 1926. This was a publication of the South Junior High School. Also seven copies of the "Mirror" between 1926 to 1928. This was a publication put out by Waltham High School.

f.          A small "Handbook," another publication by Waltham High school for 19291930.

g.          Listed elsewhere.

h.        A blue ribbon medal issued by the Waltham Tercenterary River Pageant, August 12, 1930. (Nov-Jan 99)

Elmer P. Meade of Waltham who retired from the Waltham police force in 1964, donated a collection of pictures, postcards, publications and newsclippings. First there was a photograph of the 1923 Waltham High football team and the 1923 St. Mary's football team with all players identified. Another photograph of September 1952 shows Martin Cavannaugh's softball team which was managed by Meade. Two photographs of the Waltham High School Class of 1926 on their 50th reunion were included.

Three of the many items donated by Meade will have separate stories written about them in this newsletter. See the stories on the 1938 hurricane, the postcard of Berenice W. Storer, and the recent death of George "Scorpy" Doyle, a friend of Elmer Meade. (Jly-Sep 98)

Josephine Scafidi Collura of Waltham, a former member of Drill Team #43 donated two additional photographs of the drill team. She also identified most of the girls in the main photograph. Their names were Angie Mele, Angie Beninati, Catherine Mobilia, Rose Lombardi, Stella Leeber (Captain), Victoria Cimino, Mary Orifice, Rose Caminiti, Christine Lupo, Mary Beninati, Mary Perna, Clara Bari, Rosalie Falzone, Rose Morreale, Nancy Ferro, and Joe Siano the drill master. Other members were Josephine Scafidi, Mamie Terassi, Bertha Breault, Anna Parisi, Catherine Schebeci, and Dina Moriana. Phyllis Iodice helped in identifying these members. (Jly-Sep 98)

Friends of the late Mary F. Furdon, a Waltham school principal, donated a collection student photo albums from the Robbins School in 1976, the Fitch School from 1980 to 1982, the 4th grade at Bank School in 1957 and 1958, grade 1 and 3 at Newhall School in 1971, two pictures of the Newhall School where she first worked as a teacher.

Mary Furdon graduated from St. Mary's High School in 1932. Reunion pictures, reunion programs, plus other Waltham school history material was also included in this donation. (Mar-May 99)

Roy Hansen of Marlborough, the nephew of former-mayor Arthur Hansen, donated a picture of the 1917 graduation class at Waltham High School. Edward Hentzi was a member of this class. The Hentzi Room at the Waltham Museum is named after him. Prior to his death in 1977, Hentzi donated a large collection of Waltham items to the museum, including a reproduction of the Bleriot airplane which flew over Waltham on June 15, 1911. Today, this is still one of the most popular exhibits at the museum.

Others in the class picture are Charles "Chic" McGahan (the all-scholastic captain of the football team who later became a gym instructor at South Junior High School), Rodney Cole, Charles Gately, Frank Smith, Don Miller and Larry Mulloy were other football players identified, so far. (Sep-Nov 96)

Adele Fahey of Florida donated another package of her late husband's collection. A picture of the Waltham Watch Company band in the 19th century, six photos of the building of the Moody Street bridge in 1943, two photos of John Kennedy in Waltham in 1958, and news of the Washington Redskin football game against the Waltham Alumni on September 26, 1936 were all part of the 47 items from the late James Fahey memorabilia. (May-Jly 94)

E. Elizabeth Bryden of Washington, D.C. donated two old postcards of Waltham sent to her aunt by her father in 1905. (May-Jly 94)

Ernest Barlow of Florida made a very important donation of rare photographs and publications. Most of the photographs will be made into slides for our slide shows. They are listed below:

a.      The Riverview A.C. baseball team of 1902 showing Ed Tomlin, Hany Hanson, Loring Barlow (Manager), Dad Harry White, Roy Stubble, Earle McCleave, Geo J.L. Keyes(?), John Cuniff, Alden Peterson, and Sully Fruitman. The picture was taken on Munroe Avenue in Waltham on a Sunday in 1902. (Note: Harry Write was the right halfback and captain of the 1905 Waltham High School's undefeated team. He would later go to the University of Vermont and be a great football player there. Loring Barlow the manager was the grandfather of Ernest Barlow, the donor.

b.      Photographs of the 1909 and 1911 Outing of the E. Howard Watch Company. This is where Loring Barlow worked.

c.      E. Howard workers on the front steps with Loring Barlow.

d.      Inside and outside pictures of the E. Howard Watch Company.

e.      Fourteen uniformed railroad or railway worker with W. Bowman in background.

f.        A photograph of the Viking Tower and of the Prospect Street bridges.

g.      Three rare post cards of Waltham Laundry wagon, the Waltham Ice Company truck and the 1911 E. Howard Watch Outing.

h.      The November 1922 copy of the Minutes, a WW Company publication.

i.        The Home of the Waltham Watch publication.

j.         A 1935 Outing of W.H. Nichols showing Ernest Barlow Senior.

k.      A 1936 Nichols Outing at Fieldston, Massachusetts.

l.         A September 6, 1909 Field Day pin for the City of Waltham.

m.    A very old pair of eyeglasses. (Jan-Mar 96)

Adele Fahey of Florida, wife of the late James Fahey, author of Pacific War Diary, donated a citation given to her by the City of Waltham in memory of her husband who died in 1991. The citation states that a memorial stone will be dedicated at Fahey Park in Waltham on September 13, 1992. (Fahey Park is at the corner of Moody and High Streets.)

Also donated was a resolution from the City of Waltham on November 25, 1963 given to James Fahey for his tremendous achievements. Both documents will be placed in the Fahey exhibit at the museum. (May-Jly 97)

Lester Olson of Lexington, a member of the 1927 class, donated a photograph of his childhood home at 41 Spruce Street in Waltham which was next to the old Spruce Street fire station. This is the only picture the museum has of this old fire station which was erected February 2, 1867.

Lester's father was Lars Olson who operated Olson's Express Company at 41 Spruce Street. This was one of the largest movers of furniture and pianos in the city until they went out of business around 1916. Olson went out of business because he refused to leave the horse and wagon and motorize his company according to his son.

Also donated was a picture of the Olson family in a horse-drawn buggy around 1912 when Lester was about three years old, and a picture of a trolley car in front of the Mercantile Building at that time. The trolleys went out of service in 1926, a year before Lester graduated. Lester Olson became a civil engineer and helped build the Worcester Turnpike and Route 128 among others. (May-Jly 97)

Dot Smith of Waltham donated a 1957-1958 class picture of Fitch School students. Finally, an 1890 quilt bedspread and pillow of that era showing four ladies, has been placed on the J.P. Morgan bed in the museum's 19th Century Room. (Sep-Nov 95)

Etta B. Knowles of Waltham donated a 1915 picture of the kindergarten class at the Seth Bemis School on Orange Street in Waltham. At that time, Sarah A. Wall was principal; Harriot Hamlin, Cora D. Morell, and Marion E. Burroughs were teachers. (Sep-Nov 95)

Mrs. Adele Fahey, wife of the late James Fahey, made another donation from the Fahey collection consisting of twelve 8 MM films, Kennedy items, and medallions.

One film is on Senator John Kennedy marching in Waltham's 4th of July parade in the 1950's (exact year is unknown at this time). The parade is moving down Prospect Street by the fire station. (Mar-May 94)

Charles and Edith Proctor of Waltham donated a beautiful framed picture of the Waltham Watch Company around 1915. Also a Peterson Ice Company ice pick and four 1896 volummes of an encyclopedia-dictionary.

In 1970 the Proctor's had a ringside seat to the great Perrine Battery fire (the old Metz Company building). They took twelve picture of the fire and allowed the Waltham Museum to make copies of these pictures. They will be shown in upcoming slide shows. (Mar-May 94)

Mabel Elizabeth Caswell was one of sixty-five students to graduate from Waltham High School in 1907. She was able to collect forty-two of her classmates graduation pictures.

On July 27, 1911, she married George Ulett, a ship carpenter who lived at 313 School Street and they had a son, George A. Ulett who worked as a clerk at Barker Lumber Company.

Mable Caswell never forgot her classmates and would jot down little notes about them on the graduation pictures.

Last year the Waltham Museum received a call from Terri Ulett of Campbell, California. Her husband Steve is the grandson of Mabel Caswell Ulett. She asked if the museum would be interested in the 42 graduation pictures of the 1907 class. Needless to say the museum was delighted because more often than not, precious items like these pictures are thrown in the rubbish. The Waltham Museum is deeply grateful to Steve and Terri Ulett for their effort and care in getting these pictures back to Waltham. (Jan-Mar 98)

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