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Marie Philips of Waltham, a member of the Friends of the Waltham Museum who passed away on November 17, 2000, donated a large collection of documents having to do with the grand reunion of St. Mary’s High School at Chateau Deville in Framingham, MA, on May 12, 1973 and then at the Hillcrest Restaurant on May 14, 1994. Registry list of past students, letters, news clippings, reunion catalog, etc. will help increase our historical records on St. Mary’s High School. Father Wendell Verrill of Waltham, the pastor of St. Mary’s Church delivered this donation to the Waltham Museum and took the opportunity to visit the museum, which he complemented us on. Later he provided the museum with a recent publication by St. Mary’s, which shows all the present day aspects of the church in the 21st Century, its operations and its programs. (January 2001)
Beth Eden Baptist Church on Maple Street donated their old tower clock mechanism to the Waltham Museum. It was made by Howard Clock Company of Waltham and consists of a heavy four-legged base that supports the cable-winding drum at one end and the clock mechanism, supported by an A-frame bridge, at the other end. The total weight is estimated to be close to 1,000 pounds. Years ago, the mechanism was converted to electric power. These electric controls were still attached to the unit.    For the last 10 years the tower clock itself has been operated internally by a more  modern system and keeps very accurate time today. The donation was made by Reverend Dr. Milton L. Boyle, Jr. Minister. Kevin Lyman of Beth Eden helped coordinate the removal of the clock mechanism by the museum personnel. It is now on display in the Howard Clock exhibit in the Hentzi Room of the museum. (March 2001)
Bill Bergquist of Newton, a member, donated a 1889-1989 history of the Lutheran Church of Waltham.
Edna Dolber of Waltham donated a collection of old news clippings on the history of the Beth Eden Baptist Church tower clock, bells and chimes. (July 2001)

Russell Stinehour of Ocala, Florida, donated a 1911 postcard showing the building of Saint Charles Church in Waltham. (Mar-May 98)

Donald Farnsworth, who is the historian at the Immanuel Methodist Church and who knows a lot about Waltham's history, donated a publication put out by the Methodist Church in 1988 when they celebrated their 100th Anniversary. (Sep-Nov 95)

Joseph Arena donated a St. Mary's Church publication on its 150th anniversary. (Mar-May 94)

Joseph Arena of Waltham donated a large loose-leaf notebook containing many photos and documents of the history of St. Joseph's Church of Waltham. The Waltham Museum has been celebrating the 100th anniversary of this church since it started at Lafayette Hall - where the museum now conducts many of its functions. (Sep-Nov 94)

Margaret (McKenzie) Connaughton of Waltham, a 1936 graduate of St. Charles High School, donated a graduation picture of her class with everyone identified and another picture of a St. Charles Alumni Bowling Banquet in 1939. Margaret's older brother, Alex McKenzie, had made a major donation of furniture and antiques about eight years ago.

Also donated was a No. 8 Universal Bread Maker which won the gold medal at the St. Louis Exposition in 1904. This donation was made in memory of her parents, John & Delia McKenzie, who were married at St. Mary's Church on June 4, 1904, ninety years ago. (May-Jly 94)

Margaret Connaughton of Waltham, a member of the museum, donated a large picture of the 50th Anniversary banquet of St. Charles Borromeo Parish on November 29, 1959, also a graduating class picture of St. Charles seniors in 1935 and a dedication book that was given to Reverend Peter James Walsh, the St. Charles Pastor. A 1928 St. Charles graduation ring was also in this donation. (Mar-May 96)

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