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Pat Arena of Waltham donated a sports book entitled, “By A Nose” written by Fred Smerlas of Waltham and Vic Carucci. Smerlas who played for Waltham High School is a five-time All-Pro in the National Football League. He is known nationwide and is a member of the Waltham Museum Hall-of-Fame. He now lives in Waltham. (September 2001)
James Mesthene of Waltham donated a copy of “The Youth’s Companion” publication of 1906. It was incorrectly listed in our last newsletter. The News-Tribune assisted. (September 2001)

Adele Fahey of Florida, the wife of the late James Fahey, donated the latest edition of Pacific War Diary that is in Japanese. The back page is the cover of the book and you read the book backwards, that is, if you can read Japanese. Her husband who wrote this book already had another edition written in French.  Also donated was a large framed picture made up by her husband showing copies of 40-pages that he used when writing this diary during World War II.

James Fahey admired John F. Kennedy and in our January newsletter we wrote about the sands of Olasana Island and how Fahey went to a lot of effort to get sand sample of the island Kennedy’s men were stranded at when PT-109 was sunk. That sand has now been donated to the Waltham Museum and is now on display in the Fahey exhibit along with another sample of sand from Benikta Island, the homeport of PT-109.   In addition, 91-year-old Sister Mary Teresa Cartier of the Marist Missionary Home in Waltham visited the Waltham Museum on June 11, 2001 and donated maps, a photograph of Tulagi Harbor, and more information concerning the sand she got for James Fahey. She enjoyed seeing the sand again, now on exhibit at the Waltham Museum. (July 2001)
The News-Tribune donated a copy of “The Youth’s Companion” publication on August 30, 1906. It has a fine article in it on Waverly Oaks in Waltham. (July 2001)
l Morgenstern of the Communicative Health Care Association in Waltham donated three Waltham document books for the years 1944, 1946 and 1948. The books once belonged to Mayor John F. Devane. These books, which are the annual report for the City of Waltham, are very useful for those doing research on the history of Waltham. (January 2002)
Pat and Ruth Arena of Waltham donated the mill book “Mill Child” by Ruth Hodgdon. It is a good addition to our collection of mill books in the museum’s library. (January 2002)

State Representative Peter Koutoujian donated a book on the ceremonies when the Gen. Nathaniel Banks statue was erected. Also an 1899 poll tax receipt. This story was in the News-Tribune. (Jan-Mar 2000)

Walter Peirce donated was a large book entitled "Wright's Official History of the Spanish-American War" that contains over 600 pages. His father, E. Allen Peirce, was a Spanish-American War veteran from Waltham. (Nov-Jan 99)

Dudley B. Dumaine of Weston donated a book entitled, "Dumaine's Amoskeag: Let The Record Speak," by Arthur M. Kenison. The book is about his grandfather, Frederic C. Dumaine, who became treasurer of Amoskeag Manufacturing Company in 1905 until 1939 when he became president. During this time he was also a director of the B&M Railroad and the old Colony Trust Company.

In 1923 he also became president of the Waltham Watch Company and remained there until 1944. The author, Arthur M. Kenison, is presently writing a second book on Dumaine which deals with his years at the watch factory. (Sep-Nov 98)

Adele Fahey of Florida, the wife of the late James Fahey who wrote "Pacific War Diary" donated the Garbage Man Of The Year plaque that James had received in 1964 from the Refuse Removal Journal, a national magazine for the sanitation industry.

James Fahey worked as a rubbishman for Waltham when he wrote this book. The plaque has been placed on display in the museum next to his picture with President Kennedy. (Nov-Jan 98)

Joseph F. Cullman of New York who was once the Chairman of the Philip Morris Company donated a book he wrote entitled I'm A Lucky Guy. Most of you who are reading this are probably asking, What does this have to do with Waltham's history?

Well it is all explained in Chapter Two. In 1942 Joe Cullman became a Gunnery Officer on the USS Montpelier, the same ship that James J. Fahey served on for three years where he wrote his famous book, Pacific War Diary. For three years these two men fought the same battles, one as an officer and one as a seaman on a 40 MM mount. We found this Chapter Two to be very fascinating. Especially to one who has read and studied Pacific War Diary. (Jan-Mar 99)

Ronald A. Adams of Waltham donated a newly published book entitled, Tercentennial History of The First Parish in Waltham, Massachusetts. It was written by Elizabeth D. Castner, a retired librarian and a highly respected Waltham historian. (Jan-Mar 99)

Elizabeth G. Van Arsdale, a 1926 graduate of Waltham High School and a member of the museum, donated eighty pages from scrapbooks which her late husband, Lloyd F. Van Arsdale kept. He taught at the Arthur Hansen Trade School and later at the Waltham Vocational High School where he was director until his retirement in 1967. The pictures, publications, newsclippings and other material are an invaluable source of information on Waltham's school history.

Mrs. Van Arsdale, who is retired in Florida, lives near Mr. & Mrs. James Hanney, 1922 graduates from Waltham High School. Jim Hanney pitched two consecutive no-hitters and became one of Waltham's outstanding baseball players. (Jly-Sep 96)

Henry Gibson of Florida, a 1937 graduate of Waltham High School donated a 285 page Boston & Maine scrapbook with an extensive railroad news collection. Ethel Gibson Wheeler, also of Florida, assisted in this donation. (Jly-Sep 96)

Charles and Marilyn Maillet of Waltham donated were 17 Waltham city document books of 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. These books are valuable additions to the museum's collection because they give annual reports to Waltham school, fire, police, water and other departments. Over 200 musical scores of the 1930s, several antique shaving razors, and other items completed this donation. (Sep-Nov 96)

Patricia M. Ross, the director of the Girls Scout Museum in Waltham donated a book entitled, Cedar Hill Memories. It is about the Warren family and Girl Scouts in Waltham. The 120-page book was written by Patricia Ross and Diane M. White. It contains over 100 pictures on the history of this beautiful estate located off Beaver Street in Waltham. (Sep-Nov 96)

Tony Pilla of Framingham, formerly of Waltham, donated a hard-covered book on "Pacific War Diary" autographed by the author James Fahey. He also donated a photograph of the Waltham Moose drill team in front of city hall in 1938 when they were the national champions. His uncle, Salvatore Pavone, was a member of this drill team. A picture of the 1969 third grade class at St. Joseph's school was included. (Sep-Nov 96)

The Watertown Historical Society donated a Starret softcover machine shop book. (May-Jly 94)

Kitty Chisholm of Waltham, whose family once owned Nathaniel P. Banks' home on Main Street, donated two books that were in Banks' library. The first was entitled "The Confidential Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte" and was dated 1856. The other was "Memoirs of His Own Time" by Lieutenant General Count Mathieu Dumas and was dated 1839. (May-Jly 95)

Mable Kachagian of Waltham, a member of the Friends of the Waltham Museum and the former secretary of the Waltham Council of Neighborhood Associations (WCONA) donated four Waltham voter registration books from 1970 and 1980's, and some old WCONA records.

In 1968 a Master Plan was proposed in Waltham which would allow 12-story apartment houses throughout Waltham. This resulted in about 15 neighborhood associations being organized to protect their neighborhood from this Master Plan. WCONA was successful in this endeavor and continued on until 1988 protecting the city from excessive density and pollution. Today the citizenry knows about the importance of the quality of life and Waltham is better for it. (May-Jly 95)

Suzanne T. McCallum of Waltham donated a 1942 Jones & Laughlin information book which was once used by her father who was a machinist. (Mar-May 96)

Robert and Alden Gould, Jr., who are brothers, donated an 1889 first edition book on the History of the Johnstown Flood. The book was purchased many years ago by the Morse family of Waltham and later given to the Gould family. (Mar-May 96)

Tom McKeon donated a Watch City ice card, a collection of historical Waltham newspapers, four Floyd Clymers books on antique automobiles, old magazines, etc. (Nov-Jan 97)

Martha L. Homes of Waltham donated a 1925 Waltham directory, the official history book of the Spanish-American War, 23 other books and a collection of antique tools in a metal tool box. (Sep-Nov 95)

Margaret Cannon of Waltham, a friend of the Waltham Museum, donated her 1948 St. Mary's High School yearbook. Margaret was president of her class and was a very active worker and leader in school affairs. (Mar-May 94)

Dick Grindly of Franklin donated a 1921 Charter revision book for the City of Waltham. (Mar-May 94)

E. Elizabeth Bryden of Washington, D.C. donated a book entitled "Coaching Roads of Old New England" by George Francis Marlowe. Several pages tell about Governor Gore and his mansion, e.g., "In 1804 Christopher Gore had served on the reparations commission to determine the amount of damages due our citizens from the British government, when he succeeded in securing several million dollars for American merchants for claims arising out of the Revolution." (Jly-Sep 94)

Adele Fahey of Florida donated another collection of her late husband's, James Fahey, memorabilia. Among the items was a xerox of an article in the April 24, 1994 Indian Express newspaper of Madurat, S. India, entitled "Legacy of a Victim of Hiroshima." It tells about Jim Fahey and his book, "Pacific War Diary," with the proceeds being used to build a Catholic church in India. It further tells about how he died in 1991 from radiation poisoning which he received when his ship was in Japan and he went over to Hiroshima which was still radioactive.

Other items in the donation were postcards, photos, records and other items on Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Carter, and Reagan. Two old musical scores and two WWII silent films were included. (Jly-Sep 94)

Michael Odea of Waltham donated a very nice bookbinder press which will be useful to the museum in restoring old books. (Jly-Sep 94)

Etta Bailey Knowles, a 1927 graduate of Waltham High School, donated pictures of her class reunions of 1967 and 1977 with a booklet of classmate addresses. She also donated four pictures of her brother Royal Bailey and other members of Headquarters Company in Waltham. They also trained at the National Guard armory in Waltham and were part of the 2nd Battalion of the 182nd Infantry. (Mar-May 97)

E. Elizabeth Bryden of Virginia donated the book, "Wamsutta of New Bedford – 1846 to 1946." The book tells about Captain Abe Howland who started a cotton mill in the same tradition as Francis Cabot Lowell did in Waltham forty years earlier. A related donation was a newspaper article on the revitalized canals of Lowell. In this article it says, "The Boston Associates established the Boston Manufacturing Company of Waltham on the Charles River. Francis Cabot Lowell died in 1817, but six years later the company expanded its operations to the town that would bear his name". Both of these donated items will make good research material in the museum's library. (Mar-May 97)

Pat and Ruth Arena of Waltham donated a book entitled, Waltham Firefighters Welfare & Relief Association. The book was published in 1972 and has some very good pictures and research material on the Waltham Fire Department. (Mar-May 97)

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