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John Benson of Waltham donated a glass-framed picture of a 1912 Metz owned by the McNair family of Vermont. (Nov-Jan 2000)

George Albright of Florida, a member, donated three original Metz publications (Metz Cars Price List of Parts – 1914) (A later edition of Metz Price List of Parts, which includes the Metz 25 – c1916) (Metz “25” Instruction Book).  A reproduction of the Metz “25” book by Floyd Clymer was included.     In the 1980s George, who is an authority on the Metz and Orient vehicles, corresponded with approximately 50 Metz and Orient collectors throughout the United States and elsewhere. All this correspondence has been donated to the museum. Information is being organized, after which letters will be sent to all of them in order to update our records. Detailed questionnaires on the status of their vehicle will be requested and this information will be combined with the museum’s existing records. Hopefully, a Metz ownership directory will come about in the future. (November 2001)

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