Old Meeting House

The number of inhabitants at the time of incorporation in 1738 was about 550. They lived mainly in the vicinity of Trapelo Road and Beaver Street in the district known as Trapelo and Pond End. The farm houses were scattered throughout the area with the nearest semblance to a village being the inn and a few houses located between Beaver Brook and Pleasant Street. As the main highway between Boston and New York, Main Street, then known as Sudbury Road or the Great Country Road, was the heaviest traveled in the area. Along this road passed much of the trade and commerce of Massachusetts. People traveling on the stagecoach from Boston to points west would pass through Waltham. Undoubtedly Waltham's many fine taverns offering food, drink and lodging were a welcome sight to the weary traveler. Prominent among these old taverns was the Central House, located where the Waltham Public Library stands today. Before Lexington Street was opened in the mid 1800's, many stagecoaches and teams used old Forest Street because it was the most direct route to Lexington and Lowell.

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