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Waltham's History Awaits You!




  WALTHAM - Truly a Unique and Historical City


 In 1813 the Boston Manufacturing Company was formed in Waltham by Francis Cabot Lowell. It was the first time that all the processes for making cloth took place under one roof. It was the first modern factory in the United States and history books have credited this as the beginning of America's industrial revolution.

In 1854 the Waltham Watch Company was established by Aaron Dennison. The company went on to make the first watches with interchangeable parts and the first 100% American-made watch. The advanced machinery designed at the Waltham Watch Company spread to other industries and led to America's industrial power.

In the 1890's Charles Metz and the Waltham Manufacturing Company made a fine line of bicycles, including the famous ten-seater "Oriten" which is now located in the Ford Museum.

In 1903 the gasoline-powered Orient Buckboard was produced. It was followed by the Metz automobile, winner of the 1913 Glidden Tour.

Waltham is also noted as the home of such famous persons as
Governor Christopher Gore and General Nathaniel Banks.

These are only a few of the reasons why Waltham is truly a unique and historical city.

 Articles on Display at the Waltham Museum


The Waltham Watch Room
·         Waltham watches and clocks
·         United States watches of Waltham
Museum Gift Shop

The Exhibits 
·         1911 Bleriot airplane reproduction
·         J.L. Thompson buckle box

·         Waltham Watch Exhibit
·         Waltham Watch Exhibit
·         Waltham chalk boxes

·         Orient bicycle built-for-two
·         Stark Tool lathe
·         World War I and II displays
·         Waltham milk bottles
·         Blacksmith tools
·         Native American Tools

·         Waltham Historic Houses

·         Sports Room

·         Hall of Fame

Plus numerous pictures, postcards, maps, documents, artifacts, and memorabilia of old Waltham.

Walter Metz, 90, second son of Charles H. Metz, stands between a 1903 Orient Buckboard and a 1915 Metz automobile at The Waltham Museum on June 2, 1983.

Former Metz employees Al Pacquin and Edward L. Hentzi study a 1915 Metz automobile. Both cars were built in Waltham, MA.


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Waltham's History Awaits You!

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